3 Suitable Locations for Pre-wedding in Phuket

29/01/2020 beach recreation

It feels incomplete if the wedding moment is held without capturing pre-wedding photos first.

Many lovers capture their romantic images before marriage. Aside from promoting a unique concept, lovers usually choose a pre-wedding location that suits their idea. For example, if you and your lover are interested in the concept of nature photography, you can go to Phuket, which is known for the beauty of its exotic beaches.

You and your lover can explore the beaches around Phuket to find the right photo location. If you are interested, you can book a Private Boat Hire Phuket at Yacht Sourcing. They will be happy to take you to where you and your lover want. There are many right spots that you can make as a pre-wedding location. Check these recommendations:

Hai Harn Beach

Hai Harn Beach is perfect for pre-wedding locations. Hai Harn Beach is a quiet tourist attraction because tourists do not widely know it. This will make you and your lover free and relax to take photos. The sand on this beach is spotless, and the waves are calm. 

Kata Beach

Kata Beach is famous for its white sand and blue sea. This beach is also suitable as a pre-wedding photoshoot location. Moreover, you and your lover can take photos around the beach with the blue background of the sea and sky. This will make your photo more extraordinary.

Phi-Phi Island

The unique thing that is owned by Phi-Phi Island is its hidden location. The beach is jutted in, and the sea has a beautiful turquoise color. Decorated with majestic and green cliffs, this location will make your photos pleasant. You can try a pre-wedding photo with an underwater beauty theme. Phi Phi Island is also known as a paradise for snorkeling.