A Detailed Review about Rowley Shoals Cruises

21/01/2022 beach recreation

Rowley Shoals is a collection of three coral reef atolls located a few hundred kilometers off the popular coast of Broome. The shallow lagoons filled with various coral reef systems and impressive marine life. The three reefs are Mermaid, Clerke, and Imperieuse. You can explore each atoll which covers approximately 85km and rises out of almost vertical depths to the point where it makes a good waterfall outcome over the edges to the low tide.  

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Consider Everything about the Cruises in Detail 

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There are caves on two of these three atolls. These caves are home to bird colonies. If you visit here early in the morning or the evening, then you can explore this natural world and get unforgettable experiences.

Many travelers here use the opportunity to fish at the famous Clerke Reef. They understand that Mermaid Reef belongs to the Class A Nature reserve and is managed by the State Department of Park & Wildlife. This department acts on behalf of the Federal Department of Environment & Heritage.