A Private Intensive Marriage Retreat Helps Parents Stay Together

03/12/2018 Relationships

Couples who have been considering divorce may feel conflicted for various reasons, including worrying about the effects on their children. If they would rather stay together but haven’t been able to work out their problems, they might consider a private marriage retreat with a licensed family therapist, lasting two to four days. This intensive form of relationship counseling can be dramatically more effective than numerous weekly sessions.

Staying Together Really Can Be Better for the Kids

Although many children raised in a one-parent household are happy and successful, research has identified certain advantages for youngsters who live with two parents. Relationship counseling may be particularly advisable if a couple has children believes their marriage could possibly be saved.

Advantages for Children

A Healthier Diet and More Exercise

Research has found that children raised in one-parent households tend to be more overweight than youngsters living with two parents. The kids in the homes with only one adult typically eat more calories and also more saturated fat.

Better Behavior

Research shows that divorce is a factor in children’s increased experimentation with smoking tobacco, vaping, drinking alcohol and using other drugs. Teens living with only their mom or dad also are more likely to engage in delinquent behavior, which may include actions such as shoplifting and vandalism.

An article published in Slate in 2012 addressed several studies on the problem. The studies found that children in one-parent homes are significantly more likely to have serious emotional or psychological problems. Boys are more likely to eventually spend time in jail, and girls are more likely to get pregnant as an unmarried teenager.

Future Relationships

Statistics indicate that divorce rates for children who grow up with divorced parents are remarkably higher than those who grew up with non-divorced parents.

Concluding Thoughts

Intensive private relationship counseling with an organization such as Colorado Marriage Retreats can help partners clarify how to make their marriage work and revitalize their partnership. This form of focused therapy helps the couple achieve fast, long-lasting positive results. Making an effort to save the relationship is especially worthwhile if children are involved, since research indicates kids generally do better in two-parent homes.