Consider these 5 things when Renting a Meeting Room at the AETAS Lumpini Hotel

21/08/2019 home recreation

At present, meeting room rentals are increasingly needed by organizations, companies, or individuals who want to hold meetings or meetings but do not have adequate space and complete facilities. Fortunately, in Bangkok, there are now many service options that provide meeting rooms, one of which is AETAS Lumpini.

AETAS Lumpini is one of the largest Business Hotel Sathorn, Thailand. Indeed, the large number of meeting room rental services makes people feel confused when choosing the right meeting place.

To get a meeting room, you can book through AETAS Lumpini or explore the AETAS Lumpini site at

If you currently want to find a meeting room to rent, there are several important things to consider so that the meeting can run smoothly.

Strategic Location and Easy to Access

Location is the most important thing in choosing a meeting room. Make sure the meeting room is easily accessible …