Reasons to Stay at Naroua Villa for Holiday

21/01/2020 recreation facilities

Vacation moments are the happiest time to enjoy vacation activities with family and special ones. Going on a vacation with more people often find many obstacles; one of them is choosing a place to stay. Will you stay in a practical hotel or a more private villa?

If you choose a villa, you can try Naroua to stay during a vacation with the family on Koh Tao beach. Let’s find out the benefits of staying at the Naroua villa!

1. Spending quality time with family

The large size of the villa will undoubtedly enhance the moment of togetherness with the family. You can easily see all family activities directly, not like in a busy hotel with individual rooms. With this atmosphere, you and your family can plan any activities together during the holidays at villa Koh Tao.

2. Feeling at home

Staying at Naroua villa while on vacation will …

5 Reasons Why Your Kids Need More Play

20/12/2019 recreation facilities

I adore seeing kids learn about new activities and sports as they play for their very first time. They are usually filled with energy and excitement as they engage in different activities that build their muscles as well as confidence and imagination. Don’t forget how this experience can be enjoyable for both parents and kids as opposed to letting them just watch TV.

I’ve seen lots of kids gain new skills in my work. They take pleasure in indulging in physical play. Here are some benefits illustrating why kids need lots of play far from just the fun of it:

1. Confidence And Imagination Are Built By Play
New things are tried by engaging in physical activities. Kids can overcome their fears thereby building confidence. It has been proven that a great sense of accomplishment and higher self-esteem levels are achieved when the levels of physical activity of a child …