Consider these 5 things when Renting a Meeting Room at the AETAS Lumpini Hotel

21/08/2019 home recreation

At present, meeting room rentals are increasingly needed by organizations, companies, or individuals who want to hold meetings or meetings but do not have adequate space and complete facilities. Fortunately, in Bangkok, there are now many service options that provide meeting rooms, one of which is AETAS Lumpini.

AETAS Lumpini is one of the largest Business Hotel Sathorn, Thailand. Indeed, the large number of meeting room rental services makes people feel confused when choosing the right meeting place.

To get a meeting room, you can book through AETAS Lumpini or explore the AETAS Lumpini site at

If you currently want to find a meeting room to rent, there are several important things to consider so that the meeting can run smoothly.

Strategic Location and Easy to Access

Location is the most important thing in choosing a meeting room. Make sure the meeting room is easily accessible and can be known by meeting participants easily. In particular, if many of the meeting participants come from outside the city, the place must be easily accessed and found. In addition, a good meeting room should also be easily accessed by various means of transportation, including public transportation.

Choose Package

At present, meeting rooms are offered at various prices. Basically, there are several things that can affect the rental rates for meeting rooms ranging from the size of the room to be rented to the facilities provided. The more complete the facilities obtained, the room rental price will also be more expensive. Exclusive meeting rooms are generally also more expensive than ordinary meeting rooms. To save costs, many meeting room rental services currently provide packages. Meeting room packages can be calculated based on the number of participants, facilities, and consumption provided. AETAS Lumpini provides several meeting room packages that can be chosen according to your needs.

Meeting Room Facilities

Each meeting room rental service provides facilities that are not necessarily the same. Standard facilities available are usually air conditioners, projectors, and chairs according to the number of participants who will attend. But there are also meeting rooms that are equipped with additional supporting facilities such as photocopies, printers, WiFi, Sound System, and a number of other facilities.

Room Design

For meetings that are important and attended by distinguished people such as business colleagues, you certainly need to really pay attention to the meeting room to be rented. Meeting rooms for ordinary employees are certainly not suitable if used for meetings with the board of directors or company directors. The AETAS Lumpini meeting room offers an exclusive meeting room in Bangkok ​​with a comfortable design and premium facilities. Although offering exclusive rooms, the meeting rooms at this hotel are offered at affordable rental rates making it suitable for mid-sized to large-scale businesses.

Room Capacity

The type of meeting room is usually leased based on the capacity of meeting participants that can be accommodated in it. The meeting rooms are generally available ranging from rooms with a capacity of tens of people to hundreds of people. For that, before renting a hotel, you are required to ascertain how many participants will attend the meeting. So you can choose the appropriate room that is not too big and not too small.

Thus some important things must be considered before renting a meeting room. AETAS Lumpini meeting room is one of the meeting room choices in Bangkok, Thailand that can provide solutions for various meeting room needs. Starting from seminars, meetings, or even gathering can be done at this hotel. With friendly rates, this meeting room offers complete facilities and comfortable room design.

This meeting room is strategically located and easily accessible by various means of transportation. However, the route to get there is also easier to reach at any time. AETAS Lumpini is also very suitable for holding small scale meetings with a capacity of under 100 people. Because the hotel also provides rooms, the AETAS Lumpini is also suitable for seminar activities conducted for several days because guests can also stay there at the same time.