How Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Can Boost Your Health and Wellbeing

20/06/2019 recreation center

Essential oils for aromatherapyThe sense of smell can be triggered by aromatics to stimulate memories, feelings and mental states. You know that feeling when you identify a special smell and it takes you back to a pleasant memory? Well, smells and aromatics can do more than conjure up nostalgia, they can be used to adjust your state of mind, counter a bad mood and even help you rest better at night.

Aromatherapy can help set the mind and body in a state for better health and balance. Once this is achieved, smells and aromatics can do more to improve your life and function. Learn how to use essential oils in aromatherapy on one of The School for Natural Health Sciences’ holistic therapy courses.

How to Use Aromatics and Essential Oils to Improve Your Life

Just about every culture has found some way to use herbs and natural essences to improve the health and state of wellbeing. Take a look at some of the ways herbal essences can be applied to improve your day to day life.

Better Sleep and Relaxation

There have been countless studies on the effects of sleep deprivation and the consensus is that the body and mind need sufficient sleep each night for good health. Unfortunately, there are many aspects of modern life from diet to mobile devices that impeded a good sleep. Luckily, there are some effective natural solutions to getting to sleep. Essential oils can be inhaled to produce a powerfully relaxing effect that can help the most desperate insomniac get a pleasant rest. Just diffuse a few drops in a room diffuser, or breathe from a couple of drops on a handkerchief or muslin.

Some of the best essential oils for addressing sleep quality include: lavender, clary sage, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, patchouli, cedar vetiver and rose.

Relieving Stress and Anxieties

The world is replete with stressors and external elements that tend to throw off our serenity. If you feel stressed and anxious in life or just specific situations in life, essential oils can provide you powerful support. Essential oils can address the physiological effects of stress while calming and soothing the mind.

Some of the best essential oils for addressing stress and building resilience to its effects include: lavender, sandalwood, chamomile, rose, patchouli, ylang-ylang and cedar.

For Focus and Concentration

Sleeping and less stress in themselves are a huge benefit, but there are also essential oils that can help banish clouds of confusion and sharpen the mind. Some essential oils, like rosemary, have brain boosting effects that can make the brain more absorbent in its performance. Rosemary essential oils have been found to increase memory recollection by as much as 75% in clinical studies. Face mists are a great way to enjoy these special benefits whenever they are needed.

Some essential oils that have been found especially effective at boosting brain performance include: juniper, cedar, helichrysum, grapefruit, basil, rosemary and pine.

For an Energy Boost

If you are finding it hard to “rise-and-shine” in the morning or feel like your energy stores are all but depleted by mid-afternoon, don’t grab a third cup of coffee. Essential oils can have an equally energising and mood-lifting effect on the mind that enhances performance. Peppermint essential oils have even been known to increase physical performance in medical studies.

The best essential oils for boosting energy levels include: jasmine, ginger, black pepper, lemon, orange, rosemary, spearmint, cinnamon, and eucalyptus.

Final Notes on Using Aromatherapy to Improve Health and Daily Life

There are many ways that aromatherapy and essential oils can lead to a happier, healthier life and there are more products on the market for using them safely and effectively than there ever has been before.

A roller-ball is a classic, common and very convenient way of transporting and applying these essential oils where they are needed the most. The room diffuser is another good way to take advantage of all those beneficial aromatic compounds. Mist sprays deliver their effects in charming spritzes. Simply choose which are the oils you like the most, by aroma or effects and keep a supply on hand to use whenever you feel like it. Pretty soon you will be making your unique blends based on your personal tastes.