The Surprising And Amazing Benefits Of Spray Tanning

28/01/2020 Health & Fitness

You better believe it spray tanning is amazing and truly remarkable. There are a lot of wonderful benefits that come out of that automated spray tan booth that a lot of people have not fully discovered.

Sure, after a lot of gels, foams, and self-tan creams that seemed to provide minimal to little effects as desired, with spray tanning, you get instant results.

While the results could be different between a DIY spray tan and one that you get from an automated spray tan booth, but regardless of how many of those turned out, you can only be amazed at how it costs so little compared to the pricey and sometimes not so effective alternatives.

But hey, there’s more! You might be surprised to find out and realize the other amazing benefits of spray tanning.

Immediate Results in no Time

Need a quick tanning fix but do not have the time or money to get it done? Then head on over to an automated spray tan booth or salon near you. You only need 10 to 20 minutes to get your desired results, and it won’t even cost you a leg to have it done.

The average cost for a high-end professional spray tanning goes for around $30, and with a lot of salons, it could even cost less.

Zero UV Exposure

This is a no brainer and definitely one of the most important benefits of spray tanning- no UV exposure. You get to achieve your dream tan without risking your health. Zero sun exposure means zero skin damage from harmful UV radiation and avoids the risk of melanoma.

Seamless and Streak-free Coverage

Spray tans do not give you the greasy after-feel of tanning lotions or the discomfort of sunburned skin, which also often end up in irregular coverage. It can sometimes be so embarrassing that you’d hide instead of show off.

Not with spray tanning, because you can always make sure that you have ample and extensive skin tanning coverage all the time, every time. 

Choose Your Perfect Tanning Shade

You can’t control the light intensity of the sun when sunbathing, right? It could get worse if you fall asleep and burn yourself out (kidding!). But seriously, with professional spray tanning, you get to choose your desired shade without feeling uncertain whether you can achieve it under the sun or in a tanning bed.

Exude with Confidence

What more can you ask for when you’ve got the perfect shade? You can walk around worry-free and have people notice your perfect tan. Surveys have shown that those who have experienced spray tanning say that they feel more confident, attractive, slimmer, and better.

So, the next time you decide to take on the instant spray tanning challenge, go and tell yourself to “start looking for spray tan beds near me” and be amazed at the remarkable results.