3 Suitable Locations for Pre-wedding in Phuket

29/01/2020 beach recreation

It feels incomplete if the wedding moment is held without capturing pre-wedding photos first.

Many lovers capture their romantic images before marriage. Aside from promoting a unique concept, lovers usually choose a pre-wedding location that suits their idea. For example, if you and your lover are interested in the concept of nature photography, you can go to Phuket, which is known for the beauty of its exotic beaches.

You and your lover can explore the beaches around Phuket to find the right photo location. If you are interested, you can book a Private Boat Hire Phuket at Yacht Sourcing. They will be happy to take you to where you and your lover want. There are many right spots that you can make as a pre-wedding location. Check these recommendations:

Hai Harn Beach

Hai Harn Beach is perfect for pre-wedding locations. Hai Harn Beach is a quiet tourist attraction because tourists …

The Surprising And Amazing Benefits Of Spray Tanning

28/01/2020 Health & Fitness

You better believe it spray tanning is amazing and truly remarkable. There are a lot of wonderful benefits that come out of that automated spray tan booth that a lot of people have not fully discovered.

Sure, after a lot of gels, foams, and self-tan creams that seemed to provide minimal to little effects as desired, with spray tanning, you get instant results.

While the results could be different between a DIY spray tan and one that you get from an automated spray tan booth, but regardless of how many of those turned out, you can only be amazed at how it costs so little compared to the pricey and sometimes not so effective alternatives.

But hey, there’s more! You might be surprised to find out and realize the other amazing benefits of spray tanning.

Immediate Results in no Time

Need a quick tanning fix but do not have the …

Reasons to Stay at Naroua Villa for Holiday

21/01/2020 recreation facilities

Vacation moments are the happiest time to enjoy vacation activities with family and special ones. Going on a vacation with more people often find many obstacles; one of them is choosing a place to stay. Will you stay in a practical hotel or a more private villa?

If you choose a villa, you can try Naroua to stay during a vacation with the family on Koh Tao beach. Let’s find out the benefits of staying at the Naroua villa!

1. Spending quality time with family

The large size of the villa will undoubtedly enhance the moment of togetherness with the family. You can easily see all family activities directly, not like in a busy hotel with individual rooms. With this atmosphere, you and your family can plan any activities together during the holidays at villa Koh Tao.

2. Feeling at home

Staying at Naroua villa while on vacation will …

Tips For Making Fun Vacation

09/01/2020 recreation facilities

When stress strikes you, there are many things you can do. People who feel stress tends to do karaoke, shopping at favorite malls, or vacationing to a tourist destination outside the city or abroad.

Well, for those of you who finally decide to take a vacation, you will think that great vacation cost a lot.

If you have a small budget for your vacation, don’t worry. You can still get a cheap but fun vacation! Check out the following tips for a budget-saving vacation that is still fun:

Vacation Destination Survey

The first tip for getting a low-cost but still enjoyable holiday is to survey your vacation destination. A survey in detail, starting from the costs that you have to spend, what activities you will do, and where you will stay during your vacation later.

Bring Cash

With increasingly advanced technology, the easier you make transactions when buying or selling …

List of Tourist Attractions to Visit in Vietnam

08/01/2020 historic site recreation

Vietnam’s natural wealth, such as mountains, sea, beaches, cultural tourism, history, and many more, is a magnet to attract tourists.

Here are some tourist attractions in Vietnam

Bana Hills – Danang

Da Nang is the third-largest city in Vietnam after Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. The city is known for its clean and wide sidewalks for pedestrians.

If you’re in  Da Nang, one of the great places to visit is Bana Hills, a recreation area that can be taken about 45 minutes from the city center.

To reach this place, visitors must ride the “Cable Car.” This cable car track is one of the longest and highest in the world. With a length of 5 km, you will hang over a height of 4,230 feet for about 15-20 minutes for a single trip.

The Sand Dunes

This attraction is guaranteed to give you a different experience in Vietnam. The …