3 Most Beautiful Attractions in Da Nang Vietnam

07/09/2019 recreation center

Don’t forget to visit Da Nang city in Vietnam. Many tourist attractions in Da Nang are beautiful and interesting to visit. The city is famous for its beautiful beaches, excellent choice of luxury beach hotels Danang, and charming nature. There are also various religious tourist attractions with beautiful Buddhist patterns. The city also has several historic sites that can add to your insight into the history of Vietnam.

Here are some recommended tourist attractions in Da Nang that you should visit:

Chua Linh Ung

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Da Nang, Chua Linh Ung. This area is located on a hill that was built into a sacred temple complex in the city of Da Nang during the Nguyen dynasty. Another name is Bai But, Chua Linh Ung is the highest pagoda in Da Nang city. The pagodas are in the form of a statue of Buddha that was rescued by Buddhist residents in Vietnam.

At a glance, this place children remind you of the statue of Christ the Redeemer in tourist attractions in Brazil. Not only pagodas in the form of Buddhist statues, but you can also see various statues of other holy figures around the temple. There is also a temple complex with typical architecture that you can see while walking casually around the complex.

Located on a hill, natural scenery and air at this one tourist spot will feel soothing.

Marble Mountains

Marble Mountains or Marble Mountains is a complex of five hills made of lime and marble rocks that make this hill has a charming natural panorama. This location is famous as a religious pilgrimage site with alleyways, caves, temples, and peaks that offer beautiful views. Located 9 km south of the city of Da Nang.

Based on local folklore, in ancient times there was a dragon that came from Non-Nunc Beach and laid eggs on this land. After a thousand days, the egg hatched and a beautiful girl appeared. The egg crack then developed into five Marble Mountains.

This location is also famous as a climbing spot for backpackers to Vietnam who like an adventure. Or just enjoy the natural scenery while taking a leisurely walk. Visit this place around four in the afternoon to be more comfortable. Because the mountains are made of marble when the blazing terrain here can feel hot and seems to burn the skin of your feet. Also, wear comfortable shoes when visiting tourist sites on this one.

Asia Park

Want to enjoy the beauty of the city of Da Nang at night? Visiting Asia Park can be a fun choice to spend your night in Da Nang city. Asia Park is a popular and iconic night recreation park in the city of Da Nang. From ignorance, this park will steal the sight of every tourist with neon lights that adorn almost all parts of the park.

The Sun Wheel, a large Ferris wheel also attracts attention from a distance. No less charming with the London Eye that you meet at tourist attractions in London. This Ferris wheel is also included in the list of the highest Ferris wheel in the world with a height of 115 meters. Seeing the glittering lights of the amusement park and Da Nang city from above the Ferris wheel can be a fun activity at night.

While taking a leisurely walk, you can also try other relaxing rides such as carousel, monorail train, and there are still some other attractions in Asia Park.