7 Wonderful Places To Visit At Least Once Before You Die

31/01/2022 beach recreation

The planet is a lovely place, as you already know. Before you die, there are so many outstanding locations to explore!

Remember, that in simple enjoyments sometimes lurk best surprises, so don’t always look for the most “famous,” but rather getaway and explore!

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Below are 7 wonderful places to visit at least once before you die:

1.          Phi Phi Islands, Thailand:

In recent years, tourism has flourished in Thailand’s Phi Phi Islands, making tourists more open to stunning beaches, clear water, and natural beauty. This six-island community is one of the oldest groups in Thailand and dates back to the prehistoric era.

Touching here is extremely common as the underwater life is so rich and fascinating. Holidaymakers saw more of their underwater experiences from leopard sharks, dolphins, and rear sharks. From November to May, when very little rainfall occurs, the most common time to visit is a popular tour from Krabi.

2.          Santorini, Greece:

Santorini island is renowned for its spectacular views, inspiring sunsets, and colorful rocky beaches. There are many villages high alongside the cliffs on the island of Santorini with historic houses, ancient ruins, and true vineyards. The capital of Fira, with white paved roads, shops, restaurants, restaurants, and cafes.

The capital, Fira. Oia, the city in the Ammoudi Bay with whitewashed walls and majestic blue dome are the most beautiful nation sunsets in the region. Between May and October, the most common season to travel Santorini is when you can fly or charter to the islands.

3.          Pyramids of Giza:

The Great Pyramid Of Giza is certainly worth a visit because they are the only one of the Seven Ancient World Wonders, which is still largely intact. The Great Pyramid of Giza was built as the tallest human building for more than 3,800 years around 2,560 BC.

4.          Stonehenge Amesbury, England:

There is much mystery in Stonehenge and it is truly a magnificent view, contrary to those who say that it’s just a stack of 25-ton rocks. Book a guided tour to visit the core of Stonehenge and enjoy the amazing sunshine between the pillars at sunset.

5.          Preacher’s Pulpit Preikestolen, Norway:

The walk to the Pulpit Rock is lovely, moderately challenging 6km. To start the walk in the night to see the sunrise after you reach the height for another even more spectacular experience. In the warmer months of May to October, the best time to go is.

6.          Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia:

This huge salt is 4,086 kilometers in height, which is one of the highest in the world. This salt flat, formed by some old lakes, becomes so reflective in the rainy season that satellites are calibrated. It is the biggest mirror in the world and the most amazing sight.

7.          Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA:

The Arizona Antelope Canyon is a picturesque rift sequence you won’t think is a photographic trick until you try it out. How the water created the gaps millions of years ago, combined with the light hitting every wall, makes rocks look different in color, making them shine.

Bottom line

Studies show that travel will improve your intelligence and health. About the second article. To lead your adventure you will need a number of destinations.