A Visitor’s Guide to Borneo

19/09/2018 outdoor activities

Do you love jungles? If so, look no further than Borneo. Borneo’s rich equatorial rainforests along with modern cities make it the perfect place to visit. If you are looking for a land filled with amazing animals and beautiful flora, it is time to take a trip to Borneo.

Ancient Equatorial Rainforests

If you have dreamed of exploring an equatorial rainforest, Borneo will make all of your dreams come true. The jungles on the island are perfect for adventurous souls who love the idea of being in a remote land. The ancient rainforests will think of river trips and impenetrable foliage that you need a machete to get through. However, when you take a closer look, you will find orchids, pitcher plants and lianas in the lowland forest. As you travel towards Mt. Kinabalu, the forest gives way to rhododendrons and conifers. Although deforestation of the rainforests has occurred through the world, most of the Bornean rainforests remain intact. The conservation projects protect these rainforests due to the income it receives from tourism.

One of the favourite rainforests in Borneo is the Danum Valley Conservation Area. This area covers 170 square miles (438 square kilometres) and remains the largest virgin lowland forest in Malaysia. A plethora of scientist, including David Attenborough, visit the rainforest to research the large array of fauna and flora species located in the Danum Valley Conservation Area. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, a naturalist, a bird watcher or you just love the natural beauty of a rainforest and want to feel as if you have been magically transported to, come to visit the rainforests in Borneo.

Wildlife in the Jungle

Many visitors report that their most memorable moments when visiting Borneo is seeing an orangutan or a proboscis monkey in the jungle canopy, seeing a saltwater crocodile or seeing an Irrawaddy dolphin playing in the South China Sea. Although the animals are in the jungle are timid by nature, a good Bornean guide will teach you the difference between a stick insect and a twig, the difference between a cry of a hornbill and a call of a gibbon, and the difference between a vine snake and a vine.

Most visitors to the Danum Valley Conservation Area are there to spot some of the wildlife that calls the rainforest home. The best way to see wildlife is to go on a guided tour using one of the many marked trails. A licensed Nature Guide will have the experience and knowledge to help you find wildlife in the rainforest. The best viewing times are typically in the early mornings.

If you have heard David Attenborough speak about the rainforest or watched a Natural Geographic programme on the rainforests and have always dreamed of visiting an ancient rainforest, come to visit the Danum Valley Conservation Area. You will have the opportunity to see wildlife that you didn’t even know existed. In addition to his, you will have the opportunity to scour the rainforest looking for the critically endangered man of the forest known as the orangutan.

Borneo Is Known for Its Culture

Borneo is home to a variety of religions, languages, cultures and hospitality. Visitors will feel welcomed when visiting this amazing city. Most of the cities in Borneo have large Chinese communities, while the villages of Sabah and Sarawak are mainly comprised of Malays. If you head inland, you will find that the dominant culture of the region is indigenous. Headhunting was halted long ago by Borneo’s Dayak groups; however, many of their ceremonies and customs continue on in their longhouse communities. You can visit the indigenous way of life by asking a local guide to take you to an indigenous longhouse community.

Borneo Offers a Variety of Culinary Experiences

The cultural and ethnic background of the Borneo people is varied. This means that the cuisine across the island is very different. Chinese restaurants in the area serve seafood fresh out of the South China Sea, spicy sambal is served in the Indonesian eateries and chicken satay is found in the Malay night markets. Brunei along with the indigenous groups in the area have their own unique culinary dishes. You will find pineapple curry and Bario rice and bamboo chicken and midin jungle fern. The Dayak cuisine is quite different from any other cuisine you have tasted.