Best Places to Visit in the US during Christmas

12/12/2020 recreation show

The church bells, the iconic hymns and songs, the winter that brings snow, the ever amazing decorations of white and red, and then, Santa Claus and his reindeer; these are some of the few things which make Christmas one of the most celebrated events around the globe. What makes it even better is the fact that it comes at the end of the year where everyone is certainly on holiday, and they get the chance to travel and spend time with their families, because as they often say, ‘the best Christmas is the one spent with families and loved ones.’

It is a long-standing tradition to many families that they all travel back to their family home for the Christmas celebration, some of them might be continents apart, but for this celebration, they don’t mind traveling long hours just to be with their family. For others, they would prefer to travel to somewhere new for this celebration, and that is of course, after researching for the perfect ideas for a happy Christmas season and when they do find that perfect destination, the whole family will get ready for a celebration of their lives. 

Though there are lots of places in the world that you can travel to for a perfect Christmas holiday, a lot of people decide places to visit by reading several reviews online and then picking a place that has a high rating and positive reviews. Others on the other hand tend to read travel agencies reviews in order to know which of the travel agencies is worth buying a flight ticket from.

However, for this article, we shall be looking at the best places you can visit in the U.S. during Christmas.

Times Square, New York
Times Square in New York is one of the most popular places around the world. It is one of the biggest tourist attraction places in the United States. Times Square is a major entertainment center and commercial intersection that is brightly lit by countless billboards and advertisements. What makes this place a must-visit during Christmas is because of these billboards, they are a sight to behold during the festive season, it’s no wonder why Times Square records it’s the highest number of tourists during this time of the year. On Christmas and new year’s eve, thousands of people gather at the times square to collectively usher themselves into Christmas.

New Orleans, Louisiana
It is normally common for people to first think of Mardi Gras when you mention New Orleans, and during the Christmas celebration, this crescent city gathers quite a several tourists too. This is a place one could consider visiting during the Christmas season because apart from enjoying the dazzling light from the city, you can also get to enjoy the bonfires and the Oaks celebration; regarded as one of the most interesting and spectacular lights holiday festivals in the whole of the U.S. 

Hershey, Pennsylvania
There are only a handful of things better than celebrating Christians with tons of chocolate. And that is what Hershey, Pennsylvania offers during the Christmas celebration. Hershey’s park offers people an eventful holiday ride, and a visit to Santa and his reindeer! Also, there are the iconic 5 million lights that decorate the ever fun-filled chocolate-themed park.

Charleston, South Carolina
Charleston is a great place to visit at any time of the year. But during the Christmas season, Charleston is magical, and the city is believed to have a unique Christmas celebration. This city is known for its iconic festival of light celebration during Christmas, and you can enjoy this from your car, before going to maybe eat, and shop at the historic mansion deck in the city.