Best Vape Pen Brands

14/09/2018 fitness recreation

Vaping is a lot healthier and safer than smoking so many people are starting to turn their heads towards it. Smoking diseases are taking more lives every day and everyone is starting to notice that. And because a lot of technology is involved, the health risks and only be lowered. Vape pens are becoming better throughout the years as well as cig-a-like electronic cigarettes and box mods.

There are three types of vaporizers you can choose from, but also each of the types has its own features that differ for each model. Some of the features you won’t even need, so it really depends on what you want your e-cig to have. The price also differs because of the features certain model has. You can always ask a professional for help to choose a device, or just read online to get more information. Read more here.

Types of ovens

Many vape pens include either a full oven or a coil, other even have them both. It actually depends on which kind of use is the model made for. Coils are heating the material faster, but require a longer process, and also can be slightly harder on the throat.

They tend to give a smoother and cleaner taste. Because everyone has a different opinion, it always depends on the taste. Dry herb vaporizers have ovens and for e-liquid are used coils.

Clean and Compact

One of the greatest benefits of pen vaporizers is how easily they can be maintained and taken apart, with several parts there is much less mess to take care of. Almost every vape pen only requires their interior cartridge taken out and then they can be accessed to be cleaned quickly.

They are also more compact than a lot of dry herb vaporizers. It is way easier to carry pen vaporizers than box mods or other bigger vapes. They can easily fit into any pocket. There are also more differences between vape pen and other types.

Kanger Subvod

This kit is a combination of the 3.2ml Toptank Nano and 1300mAh battery. The Toptank is the replacement of the very familiar Subtank. The company that made this model is one of the most respected names in the business so with all their products you can anticipate great vaping experience and high quality.

This is a flavor chasing, compact vape pen great for beginners and also experienced vapers that want a travel size electronic cigarette. Because you are filling at the top of the device you are safe from leakage and spilling.

The best feature is that it has a smooth draw and great taste. It has a 1300mAh battery that will not last if you are a heavy smoker, but for an average smoker, it will work great. Still, because of its small size, it is easier to carry around.


MigVapor has made another great device called the WASP and it is for the vaper on the go because it is like a pen and easily can fit in a pocket. It has an excellent rubberized grip, making it comfortable and easy to hold. The WASP has a very sensitive fire button for quick off and on functions.

The great thing about on to go vapes is the quick heating performance, and this model does a great job by heating in two to three seconds. It has a 900mAh that can’t go through the day in one charge. So, with this battery, you would get around 60 puffs per charge.

Aspire CF-VV+

This model has a battery that is bigger than most pen models, and also with the ability to adjust how much you are going to use the battery, it easily can be among top e-cig models. It has a single, flat fire button on the front and carbon fiber exterior. The voltage is adjustable from 3.3 to 4.8 V, and the battery has 1000mAh. This battery should last the whole day to an average smoker.

With a 2ml tank, a charge and wall adapter you can find this device for under $80. This device is an older version, but it is well assembled and favorite to some experienced users. The design is very simple, so it will fit everyone needs.