Cities that Make France a Must Visit the Country

23/05/2018 recreation public

Planning for your next vacation to France? Well, then you surely need to know about some of the beautiful places in France that possess the real charm of the country. France is a country that every traveller wishes to visit because of its scenic beauty, luxurious destinations, magnificent architecture and delicious wine. Since France is one of the places that are visited by thousands of tourists every year, it has great hotels for the tourists to stay in. The luxury homes in France can transform your whole holiday experience.

While the country offers beauty in every city and town, there are a few cities that outstand others and one must visit.

Places to Visit in France

So these are some of the popular and must visit places in France:

  1. Paris: When it’s about visiting France, there’s no way that we can forget about Paris. Paris is known to be the world’s most romantic place. Not only has that but the place also had a mesmerizing beauty to crush over. So if, you are visiting France with your loved one then, you need to make sure that you do not miss out Paris from the list. Some of the beautiful sites that you should be visiting in Paris include the Eiffel Tower, the enchanting Notre Dame Cathedral, and the bridge across the Seine, the beautiful art treasures of the Louvre and the broad majestic Arc de Triomphe at its end. Even the sidewalk cafes in Paris are worth a visit. If you have enough time in your hand then you can even visit all the iconic sites in Paris that are shown in different movies.


  1. St. Tropez: St. Tropez used to be a simple and peaceful fishing village back in the 1950s. It was after Brigitte Bardot that the place emerged to be one of the hottest tourist attractions of France. Today, this peaceful village is overflowing with tourists and celebrities. During the winter time when there is no or less tourist visiting the place, it reverts back to its true state. This makes the city peaceful where you can walk down its cobblestoned streets, go for fishing and breathe in nature.


  1. Versailles: After Paris, Versailles is the most visited place in France by the tourists. It is because of the glorious chateaus that make the places to be considered as one of the most stunning places in France. Versailles has been ruled by a series of kings in the past, the proof of which you can see in the number of beautiful chateaus that still exist in the city. Other than the magnificent chateaus, Versailles is also the home for the Museum of the History of France. If you want to witness the true glory of France then visiting Versailles for you is a must.


  1. Aix-en-Provence: Aix has a rich history and is one of the most beautiful and charming places to visit in France. This place is the home to many universities and art schools. The place is filled with magnificent work of art and architecture that reflects its rich history which is surrounded by the beauty of Provence. If you want to witness the beauty of this place then you have to take a walk through the city where you can find students having a chat over a cup of coffee in the outdoor cafes. Enjoy the pleasant smell of the flower market and sit by the beautiful fountains to relax your mind.


  1. Antibes: Antibes is a beautiful place which is located between Cannes and Nice on the Mediterranean coast. This is one of the oldest cities of France which is surrounded by the remaining of the Fort Carre. Find amazing tips on making your next trip worth sharing and to know read my travel blog.This is an ideal tourist spot during the summertime because of its numerous beaches and scenic beauty along the Mediterranean Coastline. While being here you can enjoy the sandy beaches, the pleasant sky, the thriving nightlife along with the taste of great food from the well-known restaurants and also the endless number of festivals.


  1. Beaujolais: This is a place in France which is known for its fruity wine, light and beautiful landscapes with vineyards. Beaujolais is located in the north of Lyon and is an ancient place which has a breathtaking beauty. The place is filled with stunning stone villages, elegant Romanesque churches and the 18th century Renaissance Chateaux such as the de la Salle, du Basty, and de la Chaize. You can even visit the beautiful vineyards which surround many of the castles present in the city. You are also free to stay overnight in some of the castles and enjoy the rich taste of their wines. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is an ideal place for the people who are true wine lovers.


  1. Cannes: Cannes is famous for its film festival in all across the world. Every year celebrities from all over the world grace the city with their presence at the Cannes film festival turning the city into a hub of hot affairs. Other than that Cannes is a city for the rich and therefore, you should not be surprised if you get to see expensive cars cruising on the roads of Cannes. You can also enjoy the sandy beaches of Cannes that are lined by lounge chairs and umbrellas. The city also has numerous numbers of palatial hotels, expensive boutiques and luxuries destinations to go. If you want to witness the rich lifestyle of French people then Cannes should be your destination.

If you miss any of these places while visiting France then, you should know that you are missing out on the real fun of visiting France.