Motorcycle Touring Tips

16/03/2020 recreation program

For motorcycle lovers, touring becomes a fun activity. But to carry out touring activities, several things must be considered in terms of preparation.

Medical check-up

Make sure the condition of the body is in good condition, if necessary, a health check with the doctor to ensure health for readiness before traveling long distances. And avoid taking drugs during the touring trip.

Check your motorcycle

Before touring, motorbikes must be prepared. Check the bike as a whole, if necessary, do service at an authorized workshop so that the vehicle inspection is carried out in detail and overall. Also, make sure if your vehicle has an Anti-lock braking system (ABS) braking system so that when you do sudden braking, your motorcycle will remain stable. For those of you who are looking for a motorcycle that has an ABS braking system, you can buy it at

Spare part

Prepare a spare part to facilitate the rider when there is interference on the motorcycle used. Spare parts that need to be brought are clutch strap, brake lining, brake fluid, light bulb, oil, gas strap, and some bolts.

Check Destination Line

Check the destination line is essential. Before touring, we must know the destination line. Also, use GPS if possible, making it easier to meet the intersection. Make sure your GPS position that does not obstruct the view and function properly.

Determine the Rest Stop

The thing that is often forgotten by riders is not preparing a place to stop to rest, so the riders often push it to the destination and forget to rest. Of course, this is a dangerous thing. It recommended for you to rest every 2 hours so that your mind is back in focus.


For luggage, motorists should use special bags for motorbikes such as tank bags, tail bags, and side bags. In addition, you can also use a special motorcycle box. Avoid carrying excessive luggage so as not to disturb the balance when maneuvering.