Reasons to Stay at Naroua Villa for Holiday

21/01/2020 recreation facilities

Vacation moments are the happiest time to enjoy vacation activities with family and special ones. Going on a vacation with more people often find many obstacles; one of them is choosing a place to stay. Will you stay in a practical hotel or a more private villa?

If you choose a villa, you can try Naroua to stay during a vacation with the family on Koh Tao beach. Let’s find out the benefits of staying at the Naroua villa!

1. Spending quality time with family

The large size of the villa will undoubtedly enhance the moment of togetherness with the family. You can easily see all family activities directly, not like in a busy hotel with individual rooms. With this atmosphere, you and your family can plan any activities together during the holidays at villa Koh Tao.

2. Feeling at home

Staying at Naroua villa while on vacation will make you and your family feel like you are at home. You can do anything freely without worrying about disturbing other guests. No need to share or queue up to use the facilities, such as swimming pools, parks or kitchens.

3. The surrounding scenery is more beautiful

The Naroua Villa was built in a strategic location close to various tourist attractions. One of them is Koh Tao beach. Not only that, in Naroua, you and your family will be pampered with several types of services. Starting from private massage, tour services along the island, and also yoga classes.

This villa, built on the hill of Koh Tao, is surrounded by beautiful views. You and your family would enjoy panoramic views of Mae Haad, Sairee and Koh Nang Yuan.

 4. Children-friendly

This villa is quite spacious, and of course, it is amicable for children to stay in. Children’s play area is wide and safe. It’d be different if you and your family stay in a hotel. The children’s play spaces are usually limited. Some hotels don’t even have one at all. Seeing the advantages offered, we recommend you stay at Naroua villa